Alaskan Mosaics

copyright Robert Gendler 2008


The images below are of the Hubbard Glacier, the largest tidewater glacier in the world. The Hubbard and Turner/Haenke Glaciers extend out into Disenchantment Bay (discovered and named by Captain Alejandro Malaspina in 1791, who was disappointed to find the inlet was a dead end). The face of Hubbard Glacier extends 6 1/2 miles in length. The towering ice peaks making up the face of the glacier are 400 to 500 feet high! To give some perspective the Wrangell-St. Elias mountain peaks in the background are all between 14,000 and 18,000 feet in elevation, the tallest coastal mountains in the world.


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Overview of Disenchantment Bay, Hubbard Glacier right, Turner/Haenke Glacier left, Wrangell-St. Elias Mountain peaks in background.

(30 Frame Mosaic, Nikon D70, 70mm lens, F16, 120th sec)



 Wide view of Hubbard Glacier

(3 Frame Mosaic, Nikon D70, 18mm lens, F16, 120th sec.)



 Close up view face of Hubbard Glacier

(40 Frame Mosaic, Nikon D70, 70mm lens, F16, 120th sec.)


Glacier Calving

Bald Eagle

 Edge of the Hubbard Glacier


 Mendenhall Glacier from below

 Mendenhall Glacier from above (Helicoptor)

Rafting at dawn at Mendenhall Glacier



 Humpback sticking his (her?) head out of water

 Humpback jaws open, feeding at surface

Humpback Tail

  Humpback Tail



 My family posing infront of a crevase

 My daughter on top of Mendenhall Glacier

Unidentified Glacier (seen from cruise ship)