NGC 6559
Distance: 5800 Light Years

Right Ascension: 18 : 10.0 (hours : minutes)
Declination: -24 : 06 (degrees : minutes)


NGC 6559 is a rich colorful tapestry of diverse nebulosity. The glowing red cloud known as NGC 6559 has formed from the same molecular cloud that gave rise to its neighbor the Lagoon Nebula (M8). The region is awash in young stars, many of which are obscured by the ubiquitous dust in the region. Within the nebula complex are several bright blue reflection clouds glowing by way of starlight reflected from innumerable microscopic dust particles enveloping the brighter stars. The two brightest reflection clouds are catalogued as NGC 6559 (south) and IC 1274 (north). The meandering channel of dark dust appearing etched into the background of bright emission is known as B 303. The small conspicuous patch of bright emission towards the southern edge of the complex is known as GN and is likely a small superimposed HII region.