NGC 6726,6727, IC4812

Distance: 420 Light Years

Constellation: Corona Australis


The spectacular reflection nebula known as the Corona Australis nebula dominates this wonderful cosmic scene. However on closer inspection several subtle but equally intriguing structures are evident. The field is rich not only in bright and dark nebulae, but also fascinating variable stars, variable nebulae, and stellar outflows. R CrA is an irregular variable star buried within the small yellow cloud which varies in brightness along with its surrounding nebula. R CrA is flanked by two equidistant red patches formed by invisible protostars that which are still accreting mass and have yet to enter the main sequence. The red patches represent herbig-haro objects made visible by the energetic outflows of yet invisible young stars. The main nebula complex is flanked by the dark nebula Barnes 157 in the lower left and the globular cluster NGC 6723 in the upper right.